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The regional folk chamber is located in the basement of the new primary school building in the centre of the village. It has the character of a little museum.
The interior of the chamber was arranged and decorated as a typical village cottage room of the turn of the 19th century.
The initiative to organize the museum was made by the Headmaster of the Radziszów High School, Mr Marek Bogoń, in 1998. The project was carried out by Mr Jan Florek.
The exhibits come from the inhabitants of Radziszów and Jurczyce and were collected by the pupils of the Radziszów Primary School.
The walls of the room are made from wooden logs; the walls are weather-stripped with clay.
The ceiling was constructed from boards supported by wooden beams.
The stove is a replica of an original stove made of brick and clay. It was whitewashed and has a slight blue tint due to ultramarine added to the paint.
Exhibits in the chamber:


Kitchen utensils

Regional tapestries

Religious paintings

Regional folk clothes

Old agricultural tools


Prayer books

Notes and coins

Different exhibits
Compiled by Marta Żurek and Maciej Milc
Translated by Dorota Gawryła


ul. Jana Pawła II 7
32-052, Radziszów

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