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The parish church in Radziszów, dedicated to Saint Laurence and Saint Catherine, was first mentioned in 1325. However, the existing structure - made of plastered brick, roofed by copper sheeting and surrounded by a wall - was built in the 15th century.
The church is oriented to the east. It has one nave with a polygonally closed higher presbytery. There is a low tower on the western side of the construction, a vestry to the north, a porch to the south, and a crypt beneath the church ( the entrance to which was probably walled in after a flood in 1934, when the floor under the choir caved in ).
On Saint Mark's Day ( April 25 ) in 1844 the church was set on fire by a farm hand from the village of Pozowice. The fire destroyed the interior , but it was later renovated in large part thanks to Countess Helena Dzieduszycka.
The church was last consecrated on July 1, 1857 by the Bishop of Tarnów, Józef Alojzy Puchalski.
In 1927 Franciszek Przebindowski made a polychrome in the church.
Between 1947 and 1953 the interior was decorated according to a project worked out by Adam K. Witkowski, a Wawel Castle conservation officer and goldsmith. His helper was Józef Mazurkiewicz from the village of Leńcze. The walls, ceiling, and window embrasures in the presbytery and nave were covered by paintings based on floral and figurative designs. Technology based on organic glues was used. The primary motifs used were those of flowers and leaves. These were enriched by winged cupids with ribbons and inscriptions. The facet friezes were done in plant designs resembling typical manuscript borders and vignettes. These surround the painted scenes. A lack of congruence between the painted scenes and plant designs suggests that the former belong to earlier decoration.
Compiled by Halina Wasyl
Translated by Dorota Gawryła


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Old arrangement of interior


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New arrangement of interior


ul. Jana Pawła II 7
32-052, Radziszów

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