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Radziszów is spread along the Skawinka river; its part flowing through the village has approximately 7 km. The eastern part of the village is located on the Western end of the Pogórze Wielickie range with Mt Wytrzyszczek (344 m). The mountain, which bears an ancient Slavonic name, offers a beautiful panorama of Skawina and Kraków (to the North-East), with the hills around Kraków and the towering Tadeusz Kościuszko Mound, Marshall Józef Piłsudski Mound, the Camedulite monastery in Bielany district and the Polonia Institute in Przegorzały. The Gorce range spreads in the South and Mt Babia Góra with Beskid Żywiecki range can be seen in the South-West when visibility is good. To the right, one can see Mt Lanckorońska and Mt Żar with the monastery in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska. The southern part of the Pogórze Wielickie falls down sharply towards the village. It is covered with a dense forest, which has been called Las Bronaczowa since times immemorial, referring to a village of Bronaczowa which disappeared in the Middle Ages. Part of the forest is Kozie Kąty nature reserve. All tourists are wel come to follow tourist paths, enjoy pure air and lush plant life. The forest is full of mushrooms, blueberries, blackberries and other forest fruit. The hills on the opposite side of the village are called Pasmo Draborza, with its highest peak in Radziszów Mt. Kiełek (294 m). It also offers an attractive view on the surrounding hills, including the hill of Jurczyce, where Haller manor, the residence of General Józef Haller, is located. Radziszów has a dense network of streets and dirt roads, excellent for hiking. One day is sufficient to visit all the places of interest, which include a number of attractive roadside shrines of the 19th century, made of sandstone, some of them renovated. Family tomb of the Hallers is at the local cemetery. The Skawina river with its various fish species is a par adise for anglers. Local forests are also attractive for hunters.
Compiled by: A.A.U. LARGO, Cracow (Poland)


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